Baseline Coffee – Espresso Blend

R 90.00R 285.00


Tasting notes : Full-bodied, presenting hints of fruit and nuts, with a smooth, dark chocolate finish

Roast : Medium

Origin & Blend : A beautifully balanced blend of carefully selected beans originating from Central, South America and Africa

Baseline Coffee was created from a passionate belief that bad coffee shouldn’t happen to good people. Baseline Coffee has been bringing great coffee to the good people of South Africa for more than 8 years. What started out as a dream and a passion very quickly transformed into a successful business – but dreams of an empire are far from the Baseline horizon…

“We believe in having a strong, personal hand in everything we do, so that we can focus on roasting coffee of exceptional quality & consistency.”

Perfect for espresso machines, moka/stovetop pots and AeroPress. And, unconventionally, it even performs beautifully as a plunger/french press coffee too.

Daily Brew