Saeco Aulika Top HSC (with water connection)

R 34,999.00

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Aulika is the perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance. It has a clean, rational design and unparalleled technology: double hydraulic circuit, conical blades, and large water and coffee capacity (for the Aulika Top High Speed Cappuccino model). All these characteristics make this machine perfect for locations with high daily consumptions. All Aulika models deliver a wide range of coffee-based and fresh-milk-based beverages, as well as hot water and steam. The wide graphic display can manage both icons and text messages in several languages.


The interface is equipped with 8 direct selection keys that make the machine easy to use and program. The software architecture was designed by levels and content, thus making it possible to customise and manage credit / consumption fully. Cleaning and maintenance activities, too, are made easier by the fact that all components requiring regular checks can be removed. The Top and Office versions are integrated by a base with extra capacity for grounds collection and can also be connected directly to the water supply. Aulika is the Saeco range addressed at the most demanding out of home professionals.

Modern and compact design
One-Touch / High Speed Cappuccino
2 coffee cups simultaneously
Hot water / steam wand
Double pump, double boiler
Double circuit, steel conical blades

User friendly interface
Graphic display with icons and text messages

Storage base container for accessories and with extra capacity for coffee grounds
Water supply connection (optional)
Key locks

Aulika is equipped with “one touch“ logic, and automatically provides cappuccino and milk coffee, thanks to a special next generation cappuccinatore, the “Pinless Wonder“. Pinless Wonder is a project originated in the Philips research laboratories and applied to Saeco products: this system, inserted in the machine nose, offers fresh-milk-based drinks of the highest quality and taste. The milk froth and temperature are perfect, in terms of texture and consistency: these are the two essential factors that guarantee the brewing of excellent cappuccino and tasty milk coffee. In addition, milk frothing is always regular, with no “splash“ effect.


In the Aulika Top High Speed Cappuccino version it is possible to choose the high-speed milk dispensing function, at the same time as the coffee dispensing one or in a sequence, first coffee, then milk. The patented Pinless Wonder technology is less sensitive to lack of or insufficient cleaning of the cappuccinatore, and maintains constant frothing performance even in the most demanding operating conditions. Pinless Wonder is available only in the Aulika Top High Speed Cappuccino and Aulika Focus versions.

Capacity Coffee Container : 1kg Beans
Capacity Waste Container : 40 servings
Capacity Water Tank : 4 Liters (Could also be plumbed for unlimited water supply)
Capacity Drip Tray : 1 Liter

Power supply : 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
Absorbed power : 1400 W

Dimensions : 334 x 574 x 452 (mm)
Weight : 23kg
Color : Silver/Black
Material : Stainless Steel

Warranty : 1 Year
Approval pursuant to the 60335-2-75 professional standard
Energy efficiency class A

Daily Maintenance
You’ll be required to clean the Milk Dispensing Unit every day with normal soap water.
Ensure that you rinse thoroughly.
Also ensure that your Drip Tray and Waste Container is cleaned at the end of every day.

Descaling your Machine
The machine will digitally prompt when required.
A descale is normally required once every 4-6 months.
You can descale the machine yourself by purchasing Saeco Descaling Liquid.

Service and Maintenance
Machine will digitally prompt you when a service or maintenance is due.
You’ll be required to do this once every 1-2years depending on how hard the machine works.
Full machine service lead time average 3 working days.

1 x Saeco Aulika Top HSC Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine
Plumbing for water connection

1kg Kamili Khaya Coffee Beans

Milk Cooler
Saeco Aulika Top HSC Milk Cooler

Daily Brew